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Bumps in Throat

Did you recently discover bumps on back of your throat? In medical words, such bumps are called sub-epithelial lymphoid tissue. These small bumps present through the entire lining of the throat and in the base of the tongue are basically collections associated with lymphocytes and are a part of our body’s immune system. These immune cells become visible in the form of bumps on back of throat whenever there’s an infection.

Lymphoid Tissue in the Oropharynx

Wondering what factors such bumps in tonsils? Well, some of the bumps on back with throat are sub-epithelial lymphoid flesh. Tonsils and adenoids are bigger collections with the lymphoid tissue. Here’s some details about tonsils, adenoids and sub-epithelial lymphoid tissue.


Tonsils are a pair of clumps of tissue, found on either side of this throat. Tonsils play a significant role in stopping this allergens, viruses and bacteria from entering our bodies. When the disease causing agents like viruses and bacteria insert our mouth, tonsils acts like filters and pitfall these microbes. Since tonsils create the special immune skin cells called lymphocytes, they help in fighting off the infections. The production of antibodies assists in preventing the distribute of infection to other parts of the body. At times, an attack by microbes can result in an inflammation of that tonsils. Since tonsils face the viruses and germs, these can get inflamed and swollen due to throat infections.

Bumps on back with throat and tonsils could be attributed to strep tonsils. Since tonsils also comprise many pits, sometimes, bacteria and dead cells may get trapped in these crypts. The formation of foul-smelling white bumps on tonsils is known as chronic cryptic tonsillitis. If swelling on tonsils is accompanied while using the formation of red blobs on back of tonsils, one must consult a doctor for the relief tonsillitis. Since swelling in tonsils and formation of bumps is associated with bacterial infections, doctors generally recommend the use of antibiotics. One must also maintain good oral hygiene. If these treatment options don’t seem to be helping, then you can consult a health care provider regarding removal of tonsils. This procedure is recognized as tonsillectomy.

The adenoids, also referred to as nasopharyngeal tonsils, also perform similar function. The adenoids really are a single mass of lymphoid flesh, located in the passage that connects the back of the nasal cavity to the throat. These are also a part of the immune system of our body. The bacteria and viruses that enter in the nose are filtered available by adenoids. Adenoids produce antibodies together with white blood cells that will kills the disease-causing agents and thus help in fighting off different types of bacterial infections. Sometimes, these can usually get inflamed due to an onslaught of dangerous microbes. Swollen adenoids can cause severe discomfort along with the sufferer might experience symptoms like sore throat, bad breath, snoring, ear infections and formation of bumps on throat. If the patient is severe discomfort, doctors might suggest adenoidectomy or the removal of adenoids.

Sub-epithelial Lymphoid Flesh

The sub-epithelial lymphoid tissues present in the rear of the throat also help in fighting off the bacterial infections. These bumps on back of throat are generally not visible when one is enjoying a healthy body, only when there is an attack by the worms or bacteria, the collection of these immune cells get enlarged and visible in the form of bumps at back of throat. throat bumps

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